You can look at some sample queries, or display a form based on:



Combine games and players (pick players first)

Combine games and players (all players)

In the form, eventually use filters and choose formatting options, and then use either the section "Look for matches" or "Statistics"


You can make multiple selection in the list boxes (don't select "Any" then)

The text for the game can be matched using regular expressions, the syntax is here.

Formatting options

If you check "Display filters before results", the filters will be recalled at the top of the page before the results (useful if you come to the page with a bookmark)

You can get the data in HTML tables, or in CSV (a text file with datas separated by semicolons which you can open with MS Excel)

Look for matches


Just check the columns you can to display in the table

Choose how many values will be displayed on each page, there are links in the results page to navigate through the pages

Sort criteria

Select how to sort the data, check the box "Descending" to reverse the order, and "Group values" to create group breaks


To get aggregate computed data instead of detailed results


You can select no key, a key for the lines or for the lines and the columns, for example:

  • For example, if you just want to count the number of games in the database, select no key
  • If you want the average score of each power for the Standard variant, use "Power" for lines
  • If you want the same data, but computed independently for each press group, use "Power" for lines and "Press group" for columns

    Check "Totals" if you want to display an additional line or column with subtotals

    Visible columns

    Choose the number or the percent of matches, or an operator. If the operator is about a specific value, choose it in the second list

    Sort criteria

    Just say how to sort the lines and the columns, it's either "Labels" to use the key values, "Number of matches", or one of the computed data

    Group by

    To get several independent tables according to a characteristic

    Explanations about some columns

    Final center ownership

    This is the last line of the center ownership in the summary (this section is missing in a lot of old summaries), for example "RRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR"

    It looks like when a draw occurs, the last line is the ownership at the end of the previous year, there are some 2 way draws with more than 2 powers on this line. Sorry, can't do better from the data available.

    Final center ownership

    This is a pattern built from the previous string, where the initials of the powers are replaced by "A","B","C",... A is the power having most centers, if there is the tie the first power to appear in the list gets the first character. The pattern for the previous example would be "AAAABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAA"