Maps aren't updated

If you think that a map is not uptodate, check that you don't have an old version sitting in the cache of your browser. You should always set the cache settings to "Check every time". This doesn't mean that your browser will reload a file systematically, but it will check if it has been updated since the last time it retrieved it.

Maps aren't available

Check that the variant is supported by mapit in this list. If the variant is in the list but the maps aren't available, it probably means that mapit failed to generate the map, I'm automatically informed something went wrong. If it's not in the list but you know where to find the mapit files for this variant, tell me and I'll install it.

Gif images are upside down, or the readable gifs are too big/not big enough

I'm setting the rotation and resize data per variant, so when a variant has never been tested these parameters need to be adjusted, let me know if there is a problem.