You can download a tarball of the version of mapit currently running on this server, it's rebuild daily. I'm using only the version written in python for all variants except Machiavelli games.

The C variant used for Machiavelli games and subvariants is maintained by the people at, it may still work for other variants which don't use the newest judge features

To use the python version, install the latest python interpreter, then you can produce a postscript file with such a command, if the history you got from the judge is in the file ~/history and the variant Youngstown:

python < ~/history ~/mapit/maps/Youngstown >

For the C version, compile it on unix systems with:

./configure && make

On windows, see the win32 directory in the tarball for instructions to recompile it, the mapit.exe file there may be a bit old, and to use it you must define two environment variables having the path to the mapit files (this is the Unix syntax, on Windows use the command "set"):

export MAPINFO=~/mapit/maps/
export MAPPS=~/mapit/maps/
./mapit < ~/history >

To view a postscript file, use the Ghostscript utilities

You can browse the cvs repository to see the changes