Customized page


Click on the "Columns" button in your customized page to modify the list of the displayed columns.

Column types
Variant The variant is the map used for the game
Variant option Set if the game has a special variant option like Wings, Blind, Payola, ...
Press The press settings as a code on 4 characters
Deadline You can either display the deadline in the judge timezone, or in your timezone which you can change in the settings page.
Map This will display a link to the game map.
Comment One of the comments you can enter for each game in your customized page.
Time to deadline This is the length of the period till the next deadline.
Phase The long format is for example 'Movements for Spring of 1901' and the short format 'S1901M'
Flag This is the value of the flag, it will be displayed as a button, with the text 'yes' or 'no', and clicking the button will change its value.
List This is the listing of the game returned by the judge, replaced by the summary when the game is over.
History A part of the history of the game.
Free text Any text you want.
NMR If the game is set to NMR (process the turn even if all players haven't send their moves)
Proxy If the game uses proxies (put some units under control of another player)
NoList If the game is nolist, you can't see it unless you know its name
DIAS If the game is set to DIAS (draw include all survivors)
Index The index as defined on judges, which is the sum of the squares of supply centers divided by the number of powers, some people think it's an indicator of the progression of the game (low: opening, high: endgame). It's 0 before the first adjustement phase.
SC Count The current number of centers for a power, give its initial. It can't generate columns from the powers found in variants in the list, so if you want 7 columns for standard powers you have to add them one by one.
Custom header

If you aren't happy with the header of the column displayed in the table, enter a text in the text zone 'Custom header'.

Custom format

You can enter a format string for the column in the text zone 'Custom format', it's relevant for some columns only and the syntax depends upon the column type:

Deadline This page of the python manual describes the syntax of the format string. The default format is '%a %b %d %H:%M', which gives a text like 'Sun Jul 15 23:30'
Map The displayed text will be the strings, with '%b' replaced by the size of the file in bytes, and '%k' the size in kilobytes
Time to deadline

The default format is '[%4w week%S ][%5d day%S ][%20h hour%S ][%m minute%S]', here are some explanations:

  • '%w' is the number of weeks,'%d' for days, '%h' for hours,'%m' for minutes, '%s' for seconds
  • The brackets in '[%d day%S ]' means that this part is hidden if there is zero day, so '3 weeks 0 day' is displayed as '3 weeks'.
  • '%S' in '[%d day%S ]' is 's' if the duration is at least two days long.
  • '5' in '[%5d day%S ]' means the periods shorter than day will be hidden if the duration is longer than 5 days.
  • Flag The default format is 'yes;no', replace 'yes' and 'no' with other words if you don't like them. You can use "link:yes;no" to have an hyperlink instead of a button, it's a bit smaller.
    List The format string will be displayed in the table
    History The format string will be displayed in the table
    Free text The format string will be displayed with some special keywords replaced :
  • %g: name of the game
  • %J: name of the judge
  • %j: email address of the judge
  • %1: the 1st comment
  • %2: the 2nd comment
  • %3: the 3rd comment
  • %f1: the first character of the 1st comment
  • %f2: the fiist character of the 2nd comment
  • %f3: the first character of the 3rd comment
  • %P: the phase, long format
  • %p: the phase, short format
  • %V: the variant
  • Gunboat





    The default format is 'Gunboat;Not gunboat' and so on

    The first (second) value is used if the option gunboat/NMR/Proxy/NoList/DIAS is (not) set


    If you enter an hyperlink and the text in the column is not already automatically hyperlinked, it will create it. An hyperlink can contains keywords which will be replaced by the right value for each game like for the format of the "Free text" columns.

    For example, if you want to open a mail window when you click on the judge, if you're using the comment 1 to store the power, the hyperlink could be "mailto:%j?subject=signon for %g on %J&body=signon %f1%g"

    For standard and custom hyperlinks, if you check the box "Open in another window", clicking on the link will open another window